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Here is a recent set of mittens I made for the gift basket Their Majesties Craven and Elzbieta took with them to Gulf Wars last month. The craftsmanship of the pieces our artisans of Atenveldt were contributing was just amazing.

I made these out of a worsted weight single-ply wool from here in sunny Arizona. I made them in a Finnish stitch with my usual mitten construction techniques (see some previous posts), but what was new was the cuff finishing technique. I made ruffles!

Here’s how I made the ruffles:

1) Make a few stitches without connecting to the previous row.

2) Then turn the stitches around with increases in the next few loops (much like starting from a new round).

3) Return to the mitten with normal connections (no increases), then add a few stitches to the cuff before repeating step 1. The fewer stitches added here, the more ruffly the edge becomes. I used a few trials to get the amount I liked best.

After a quick post to Facebook for a poll from friends, I decided to add a little embroidery to enhance the edges. Just a simple chain stitch in a cream wool-silk that I use for weaving.

This might be a little much of an edge on a hat but it is perfect for mittens.