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We just got back from Estrella War and are recovering. I made a batch of hats for the royal gift baskets Their Majesties gave to their Cousins in the heraldic colors of each kingdom. Since nalbinding is not the quickest process in the world, and I was dealing with a relapse of an annoying illness I have, this took a while.

In order of Kingdom precedence….

Hat for the West:

Single-ply worsted weight green yarn in a Finnish stitch. Skypstrup-style embellishment in two shades of yellow. Large enough to fit an Uther.

Hat for Caid:

Caid has warm weather, so here I used a Mammen stitch in a slightly thicker yarn. The embellishment is in a thinner cream yarn.

This is a fun, loopy finish where I connected two stitches to the hat followed by 6 stitches unconnected, then skipping two stitches on the hat before connecting again. It makes a ruffled, sort-of lace finish.

Hat for An Tir:

Finnish turning stitch with worsted weight single-ply wool. I just love this hat.

Hat for the Outlands:

Finnish turning stitch, also with worsted weight single-ply wool. I made this a fairly bulky stitch.

So now that gift basket hats are over, I can get some of my other recent project up to the blog, and finish that giant pile of remaining projects!