I made some mittens for a friend in time for Estrella War this year. They were a very late delivery on a trade, so I threw in a hat and a large helping of guilt. She wanted these in her heraldic colors plus pink and especially wanted a braided trim like the awesome mittens Sahra made at the Hibernaatiopesäke blog (home of amazing tablet weaving).


I made these using a very thick stitch similar to one found in mitten fragments at Tuukkala in Finland: four loops on the thumb, three loops behind, F3 connection. So, 3+3+3. I would put this in Hansen’s notation, but I have the flu and my brain won’t work. The braid trim in is a regular Finnish stitch, 2+2. The color patterning is inspired by the now classic Eura mitten reconstruction by Krista Vajanto, in her master’s thesis.


The matching hat is in a 2+2 basic Finnish stitch and the trim is not braided, but rather two spiraling bits of nalbinding.

iPhone-2014.02.25- many mittens as I make easily, these were a project of fail for a while. I remade them three times because I didn’t like them, and remade the thumbs on the final set about six times. But I was finally content with the fit and was very happy to have finished them in time. The thick stitch definitely makes shaping a little tougher, though I’ve used that stitch on a number of hats without issues. On the plus side, I did learn how to FedEx stuff to Estrella and got a pretty funny text message when it arrived.