About Elsa

This is a blog devoted to my various projects in arts and sciences in the Society for Creative Anachronism, where I am known as Mistress Elsa Olavintytär. I am a recent transplant to the Kingdom of Calontir (specifically, Missouri) from the Kingdom of Atenveldt (that’s Arizona). I love to research and make stuff. All kinds of stuff. Preferably Finnish stuff. Especially nalbinding, tablet weaving, spinning and anything involving needle and thread. Also singing runo songs, cooking, and calligraphy and illumination. And wrestling with the Finnish language, my 16 year nemesis.

In real life, I am a scientist. The love of research and experimentation definitely transfers to my hobby. And now that I have a giant basement to spread all my projects out in, I think I can get into all kinds of trouble!



2 thoughts on “About Elsa”

  1. Hei!
    Terveiset Suomesta !
    Joutsenjärven Sahra Aarnimetsästä
    (hienoja neulakinnasjuttuja sinulla)

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